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How to Become Our Client
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No Guarantee of Results
Some of this Website’s case summaries, reports of past cases (and their outcomes) and the description of experience and past legal services in a lawyer’s profile outline and describe past cases handled by the Firm’s lawyers. They are not intended to serve as a guarantee that the same or similar result can be achieved in every matter or in your case. You must not assume that a similar outcome and case result can be obtained in your case. Each case is different and the outcome of each case depends on a variety of factors, such as specific facts, circumstances and laws that apply to the matter. Unexpected developments beyond the control of any client or lawyer may further make your case substantially different than cases handled by Firm’s lawyers in the past resulting in different and perhaps even negative outcomes in your case. Any case results noted on this Website do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.

Legal and Ethical Requirements & Disclosures
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Authorized Practice of Law
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Attorney Advertising
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Mentioning of Prior Results
Texas-based law firms are limited to display, mention, and publish results that were obtained for other clients. Subject to Comment No. 4 to Rule 7.02 of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, prior results must not be misleading. They are misleading pursuant to that Rule “if presented so as to lead a reasonable person to form an unjustified expectation” of similar results. Redmond & Eiland, PLLC does not suggest, in any way, that we are able to achieve the same or a similar result for new or prospective clients that we were able to obtain for former clients. Each case is different and various factors in each case can materially impact the case outcome.

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