Do I need a lawyer for my car accident?

If there were no injuries, and the accident was minor, you may not - but there's no way to know before you've met with an attorney for a consultation (WE OFFER FREE CASE REVIEWS). If you were hurt in the accident, we strongly recommend talking to our CRASH MONEY TEAM. You may not be aware of all your options for financial compensation. A lawyer can sort out complicated cases and help protect your rights. Getting legal advice can only help you. And it costs you nothing to meet with us. If we take your case, you don't pay a penny unless we win.

What should I have for my free case review?

When you come to meet us for the first time, bring any information that you have that relates to your car accident. This includes:

  • Photographs of the scene or car
  • Photographs of your injuries
  • Medical records
  • A copy of the police report
  • Witness statements
  • The insurance information of all parties involved in the accident

We'll review all of the information you bring. If there's any other information we require before giving you advice, we'll let you know. Once we have the facts, we can go over your legal options.

Can I still seek damages if the car accident was partially my fault?

In general, yes. First, it is important that you do not say or do anything to incriminate yourself following your accident. Though you may feel you did something wrong, you don't know all of the details. There are many different factors in an accident-for example, there may have been a vehicle defect, a traffic signal could have malfunctioned or the other driver may have been distracted. Until your accident is fully investigated by the police and a car accident attorney, don't make any statements about who was at fault in your accident.

If you are found to be partially at fault, you still may be eligible to receive some damages. The amount will be determined according to your percentage of blame for the accident. However, if you are found to be 51 percent or more at fault, you will not be able to recover any damages.

What happens if I am hit by an uninsured driver?

All drivers in Texas are required to buy auto insurance, but the fact is many drivers do not. If you are hit by an uninsured motorist, you must rely on your own insurance coverage to cover the cost of repairs. Insurance companies offer Uninsured Motorist or Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) coverage to provide for these scenarios. Whatever this coverage does not pay will have to be paid out of pocket. You may be able to file a lawsuit against the uninsured driver to recover these costs. An attorney from our CRASH MONEY TEAM can tell you more about what options you may have.

If you have any questions regarding your accident, please contact us at info@redlandlaw.com.